King Tony, our history
King Tony was created 37 years ago in Taichung, the hearth of Taiwan, in the middle of the industrial revolution. Everywhere in the world we saw shelves filling up with "Made in Taiwan" products.
Tony Lin, founder of King Tony, has been one of these manufactorer. He was responding to market demand asking for DIY products at a cheap price.
It is in 1981 that Mr. Lin decided to adopt a new strategy. He joined Mr. Charlie Lai, current CEO, to establish the first steel hot forging plant in Taiwan. Corporate name and brand also changed : King Tony was born !
For the following years, Mr. Lin and Mr. Lai invested all their efforts on improving products quality.
Their hard work has finally been rewarded by getting the ISO 9000 and TÜV certification.
King Tony's increasing success lies in our complete control of the production process.
As opposed to many of its european counterparts that are more and more sourcing in Asia, King Tony is an asian manufacturer!